Study Creative Arts in the UK

Where can I study creative arts in the UK?

If you want to study creative arts, you’ll find hundreds of courses in the UK. There are more than 100 performing arts degrees in the UK alone, including four of the best in the world – the Royal College of Music (second), the Royal Academy of Music (fourth), the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (sixth) and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (ninth). 

What kinds of specialisms are there?

With everything from universities and colleges to specialist conservatoires, there’s an enormous amount of specialist teaching on offer, making it easy to find a career-focused curriculum that interests you. UK creative arts degrees include:

• Film

• Music

• Drama

• Dance

• Creative writing/screenwriting

Many universities combine specialisms, such as film and drama, but whatever course you pick, the modular structure of UK teaching means you can specialise as you go. This also helps to make them more compact, so you can often graduate sooner than you would in other countries. 

How long does it take to graduate?

Most creative arts undergraduate degrees take around three years to finish in the UK, with many offering opportunities to gain a year of work experience or study abroad. Postgraduate degrees are usually between one and two years. 

What are creative arts teaching like in the UK?

The flexible nature of the study in the UK means you’ll learn to think creatively from day one. Our outstanding teachers will share their expertise and help you discover your craft whilst fostering academic rigour and a strong knowledge of the history of your chosen field.

Because many creative departments allow for cross-pollination of ideas, you’ll be able to broaden your boundaries all the time whilst following your instincts towards the right career path – whether that be dance, animation, advertising, or something else. And you’ll be learning on state-of-the-art equipment – from powerful HD cameras to motion capture suites – so you feel fully prepared for success in your chosen field.

Why is the UK a good choice for creative arts?

The UK has a unique creative heritage that is thousands of years old – and a creative industry that is now worth £100 billion. We’re also home to the world’s most significant public broadcasting organisation. With 1 in 8 UK businesses part of the creative industries, the sector provides two million jobs – 75 per cent outside London.

When you’re not studying, there’s always something creative nearby to keep you inspired, from festivals and gigs to galleries and independent cinemas. 

Are there any scholarship opportunities?

A wide range of scholarships and bursaries are available for overseas students across all creative arts courses. Some are funded by private organisations, while the universities themselves offer others. You can also apply for the prestigious Chevening Scholarships, or if you are from a commonwealth country, you could apply for a Commonwealth Scholarship. 

What are my work options after I graduate?

UK graduates are among the most employable in the world, and when you study creative arts in the UK, you’re getting the best possible preparation for a global career. From working as a dancer to pursuing various roles in the film industry, the choice of career opportunities is growing all the time.

International students who have completed an undergraduate or master’s degree can apply to stay and work in the UK for two years upon graduation through the Graduate Route.