Study Art and Design in the UK

Where can I study art and design in the UK? 

If you’ve got your eye on a career in art and design, you’ll find more than 1500 art and design degrees in the UK at more than 175 universities. With a massive amount of variety in the areas taught, and world-class teaching and facilities, you won’t struggle to choose a course that will prepare you for the kind of career you want. 

What kinds of specialisms are there? 

The UK has one of the most diverse offerings of art and design-related courses anywhere in the world. From conservatoires specialising in classical fine art skills to industry-focused advertising degrees, you shouldn’t find it hard to locate a course that combines the disciplines you’re most interested in. Subjects you can choose from include:

• Fine Art

• 3D Design

• Ceramics

• Fashion & Textiles

• Illustration & Animation

• Graphic Design

• Digital Design

• Advertising

• Photography

Whatever degree you choose, you’ll have the chance to refine and tailor your studies as you progress in the way you want. The flexible, modular teaching format in the UK means you can select the modules you’re most passionate about to help kick-start you on your chosen career path. 

What does an art course cover?

The content of each course depends entirely on which degree you choose and the university teaching it. But most art degrees will provide a consistent range of modules in the first one or two years before allowing you to specialise. This will ensure you get a good blend of practical studio practice, historical and analytical perspectives, professional and business elements and insights into the technical side of the art world. 

Modules you would cover on an art degree could include:

• The history of art

• Reflection and analysis

• Art, technology, and the internet

• Art and business

• Studio practice

• Typography

• Professional skills in art and design

• Objects and experiences

How long does it take to graduate?

Most UK undergraduate art and design degrees take around three years to complete, with many offering opportunities for a year’s work experience or study abroad. Postgraduate degrees usually take between one and two years. 

What is art and design teaching like in the UK?

The teaching on offer in the UK is world-class in every respect. You’ll be given expert insights into every aspect of your chosen field, whether photography, fine art or graphic design. Many teachers are ex-professionals with a wide range of real-world insights and existing industry contacts to ensure you feel ready to hit the ground running when you graduate.

Many UK universities also have state-of-the-art equipment, such as 3D printing, so you can hone your skills on the latest technology – all while receiving the friendly, supportive encouragement you need to feel confident and relaxed at every stage. 

Why is the UK a good choice for art and design?

The UK has a unique heritage in art and design and a creative industry that is now worth £100 billion. Studying in the UK means following in the footsteps of iconic figures such as Peter Saville and Stella McCartney. You’ll have plenty to feast your eyes on at galleries and arts events. 1 in 8 UK businesses is part of the creative industry, providing two million jobs.

So whatever aspect of art and design you’re most passionate about, you’ll find the raw inspiration and professional insights necessary to head off on your chosen career path. 

Are there any scholarship opportunities?

A wide range of scholarships and bursaries are available for overseas students across all art and design courses. These include the ECA Taught Masters Scholarships from the University of Edinburgh, four master’s opportunities at the Middlesex University London Arts and Creative Industries Scholarship and a range of fine art scholarships under the Royal College of Art Awards. You can also apply for the prestigious Chevening Scholarships, or if you are from a commonwealth country, you could apply for a Commonwealth Masters Scholarship.

What are my work options after I graduate?

UK graduates are among the most employable in the world, and when you study art and design in the UK, you’ll be joining a long line of successful graduates who have gone on to exciting roles worldwide. Whether you want to set up your art studio, look for full-time advertising and graphic design positions, or make it big in fashion, you’ll get the best possible start in the UK.

International students who have completed an undergraduate or master’s degree can apply to stay and work in the UK for two years upon graduation through the Graduate Route.